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Creating Sweet Treats With Sweet Passion


Tres Chic Macarons and Sweets started off as a simple passion and a stubborn personality to not let these little confections beat me. Macarons are seemingly very temperamental and stubborn, which drew me in more. I knew I wanted to master them and along the way grew even more passionate about them. Their inner workings, the science, the right temperature, and how the stars had to be aligned just right.

While learning new tricks through the past couple years I noticed that other bakers dared to not play around with shell flavorings. But why? Well, again, the conditions have to be just so in order to produce these little goodies. There was no way I was going to follow the rules on this one. I wanted to think outside of the box and add more flavor. This is when I started creating macarons that were a little more out of the box. Flavoring the shells to go along with the fillings… OH MY GOODNESS! Mind’s were blown.

I thought that I needed to share my love and customized goodies to the world. Friends and family all tried and loved, so why not share with others? Tres Chic got our first large order in November of 2018 and of course learned some lessons through the trial and error of that. Everything came out so adorable and I was very excited to be a part of an exciting day.

As months go by Tres Chic is always trying to come up with new and unique flavors, along with custom orders. I have now been able to create monthly assortment macaron boxes, cakes, cookies, and other various treats.

Tres Chic Macarons and Sweets can not wait to see what the future holds and how many lives we will be able to give the gift of sweetness to!

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